Loose Lips

Hello we have taken a vow of silence this week, but here is a Loose Lips classic straight from the MEAT LOCKER:

Can you believe we made it to 20? So are we! Twenty glorious episodes, each one as funny or funnier than the last and next. Twenty weeks we can’t ever get back. Have we got a segment-packed episode for you today! Joining us via Gchat are literally virtually every guest we’ve ever had on the show: Rem Lazar, Brian “Country Death” Kamerer, Lisa Laureta, Julian Shine, “Bort” Slater, Travis Galloway & Tara Hillaker, Patrick Robinson, and of course David’s brother Jordan. As if that’s not bad enough, we introduce or continue probably for the last time the following segments: 20 Episodes of Corrections, Callbacks, Nate’s Review Corner, Pat’s Pills, Pat’s Pill’s Politics, a special 20-count clusterbomb edition of Jordan’s Bombshell, and a 21-air horn salute for our fallen soundboard. Bear with us while we slog through: what is a Fanning anyway, the limitless virtues of YUM! brand foods, podcast doping, rapel epithets, double-down fruit baskets, how the Loose Meat bump changes your life, Turtle’s sandwich shop for fat fucks, Uncle Dentist, Jordan drops an exclusive bombshell straight from Domino’s R&D, and a shout-out of shout-outs to our number one fanboy. Thanks to all our listeners who kept us going, but most importantly you’re welcome.

(Originally posted Aug. 14, 2015.)

This episode is dedicated to our fallen comrade in comedy, or “comradedy”, Mike Schmidt. RIP buddy, couldn’t have made it here without you or whatever.

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