Loose Lips

Hello Lipppppps,

Get ready because this is the last LooseLips transmission before EVERYTHING CHANGES on #LABOREDDAY 2018.  We have a star studded occasion as Pat, (BeeKeepers, Glasfabrik) and Jordan (Glasfabrik, Bombshell) join us on a call as we reminisce about heavy metal, tragedy, socks, star wars, and JORDAN DROPS nearly ten bombs (if you round up) and as we were about to wrap up the mysterious “BOOTS” called from the deep state to uncover one of the most bizarre and damaging conspiracy theories the Meat Bois have ever heard.
This Episode is brought to you by:  US!!  and #LABOREDDAY on Monday 9/3/18
LOOSE LIPS theme music by Patrick and Brandon Robinson / bzzbzbzzzbzz.bandcamp.com
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