Loose Lips

pod50Hello Lippers, Good to see you again.  This week the Meatbois are joined by the writers, producers, and star of THIS AMERICAN DREW the titularly named Drew Kordik and Maddy Farkas, and don’t worry if you think this is some sort of late capitalist promotional shill episode, because we get into ALL the topics.  We dive deep into GRUMPIER OLD MEN, Country Music, being anti-SNL in a Lorne Michaels world, Millennials and their rock and roll books, Aero the Acrobat, flag burning, Drew’s affinity for MR. BELVEDERE, Nate reveals the Ten Tenets of Podcasting, and finally…in the middle of the episode, a very special and revealing U2 story.

This episode is brought to you by THIS AMERICAN DREW and U2’s ELEVATION TOUR
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