Loose Lips
ep45HEADS DOWN! STAY DOWN! We have Jordan Allen live in the studio for his 30 Bombshell Spectacular! We blow the lid off ASMR bearding, what we had for Brexit this morning, the bad dank, Nate’s Review Corner, Nate’s Apology Corner,  friend murderers, Sully (the man not the movie,) Bingin’ it, Over The Hill™, cookie troubles, syrup chugs, “higher” education (with being on drugs,) another segment of Nate’s Review Corner, cloud chasers, sodium controversy, mom-bombs, idiot kids, self-narration, and a very special post-episode apology from Jordan.
This episode is sponsored by the Venice Beach Drum Circle and Devil Stick Association.
LOOSE LIPS theme music by Patrick and Brandon Robinson: https://bzzbzbzzzbzz.bandcamp.com